Winter 2015-16 | Issue 10



Rita Dove | 麗塔·朵芙

廖偉棠 | Liu Wai-tong

張曙光 | Zhang Shuguang



“Nothing Scares Salt” & Other Images

良亮人 | Liang Liang


Rita DoveRita Dove is a former U.S. Poet Laureate and recipient of the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry for her book, Thomas and Beulah. Author of eight poetry collections, a book of essays, a novel, a verse drama, and a volume of short stories, she is also an accomplished cellist. Her most recent poetry collections are Sonata Mulattica (2009) and American Smooth (2004), while her Collected Poems will appear in 2016. She served as sole editor of The Penguin Anthology of Twentieth-Century American Poetry (2011). Her many honors include the 1996 National Humanities Medal and the 2011 National Medal of Arts. In 2015 she visited Guangdong, China to accept the 10th Poetry and People International Poetry Prize. She is Commonwealth Professor of English at the University of Virginia.





Tou Wan Speaks to Her Husband, Liu Sheng | 窦绾对夫君刘胜说

Testimonial | 证词

In the Bulrush | 蒲草丛中

Pearls | 珍珠

Ars Poetica | 诗艺

Ö | Ö

“Teach Us to Number Our Days” | “教我们数算自己的日子”

The Lesson: Adagio | 音乐课:柔板

The Other Side of the House | 房子的另一边

American Smooth | 美式流畅舞

Instrumental | 器乐

Ludwig van Beethoven’s Return to Vienna | 路德维希·范·贝多芬重返维也纳

Old Folks’ Home, Jerusalem | 安老院,在耶路撒冷



Liu Wai-tongLiu Wai-tong, born 1975 in Guangdong Province, China, moved to Hong Kong in 1997. Poet, writer, and photographer, his honors from both Hong Kong and Taiwan include the Hong Kong Biennial Award for Chinese Literature, the China Times Literary Award, the United Daily News Prize, and the Hong Kong Arts Development Council Award for Best Literary Artist. Among his twelve poetry collections are Bitter Angel; Black Rain Must Fall; and Barbarous Night Songs. He has also published a short story collection, War Game in Eighteen Alleys, as well as numerous volumes of essays, criticism, and photography. After five years in Beijing, he returned to Hong Kong in 2005.




有人在火焰裡捉迷藏 | Hide and Seek Amid Flames

皇后碼頭歌謠 | Ballad of Queen’s Pier

我曾經接觸過幸福 | I Once Touched Happiness

登封羈旅有作 | Visitor in Dengfeng

蘇格蘭雨四章 | Scotland’s Rain

讀中唐史 | Mid-Tang History

十四行 | Sonnet

夜行獸 | Night Walking Beast

讀廖亦武獄中詩集《古拉格情歌》 | Reading Liao Yiwu’s Gulag Ballads

孫悟空 | Sun Wukong



Zhang ShuguangZhang Shuguang, born 1956 in Wangkui County, Heilongjiang Province, China, began writing poetry in the late ‘70s, influenced by western Romanticism. In the early ‘80s his work shifted toward the harder edge of Modernism. Among his collections are The Clown’s Checkered Jacket; Snowfall in the Afternoon; and The Haunted House. A prolific translator of western poetry, his major translated works include Selected Poems of Czeslaw Milosz and Dante’s Divine Comedy. He’s also the author of The Phantom of Don Quixote, a collection of literary essays and criticism. A recipient of the Liu Li’an Poetry Prize, the Poetry and People Prize, and the Poetry Construction Award, he is currently a faculty member at Heilongjiang University’s College of Literature in Harbin, northern China.


张曙光,1956年出生于黑龙江省望奎县。在上个世纪七十年代末开始写诗,最初受到西方浪漫派诗歌的影响,八十年代初开始转型,注重现代性,追求一种坚实硬朗的风格。著有诗集《小丑的花格外衣》、《午后的降雪》及《闹鬼的房子》等,译诗集《切· 米沃什诗选》、《神曲》等,评论随笔集《堂·吉诃德的幽灵》等。曾获首届刘丽安诗歌奖、诗歌与人奖、诗建设主奖。现在黑龙江大学文学院任教。


卡桑德拉 | Cassandra

存在与虚无 | Being and Nothingness

我们拿什么和这个世界对抗 | With What We Confront This World

月亮 | Moon

人类的工作 | Human Labor

进入睡眠 | Falling Asleep

在酒吧 | In a Bar

石头 | Boulder

一条旧时的街:外国街,1989,11 | A Street of Other Days

纪念我的舅舅(1937—1988) | Remembering My Uncle

自白 | Confession