Clare Cavanagh

Clare Cavanagh is Chair Professor of Slavic Languages at Northwestern Univ. in the U.S., specializing in modern Russian and Polish poetry. Among her numerous translations from Polish poetry are collections by Czeslaw Milosz, Wislawa Szymborska, and Adam Zagajewski. Author of multiple volumes of literary biography and scholarly criticism on Slavic writing, her many honors include the 2010 National Book Critics Circle Award in Criticism, the John Frederick Nims Memorial Prize in Translation, and a PEN/Book of the Month Prize for Outstanding Literary Translation.


John A. Crespi | 江克平

The Henry R. Luce Associate Professor of Chinese at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York, John A. Crespi teaches Chinese language, literature, and film. His translations from Chinese to English have appeared in a number of journals and anthologies, while his research extends from modern and contemporary Chinese poetry to Chinese cartooning.


Renata Gorczynski

Renata Gorczynski is an essayist, translator, literary critic, and teacher of journalism. Her Polish to English renderings include poetry by Czeslaw Milosz and Adam Zagajewski, as well as a collection of conversations with Milosz. She lives in Poland.


韓金鵬 | Han Jinpeng

A member of George O’Connell’s 2006 Peking Univ. graduate poetry translation workshop, Beijing poet and translator Han Jinpeng taught in the U.S. and Australia before rejoining the Peking Univ. Dept. of English, where he has received several awards for his teaching, as well as a Ph.D. in American Literature. He also offers courses in Chinese culture at the Univ. of California. With Xi Chuan, he rendered some of Robert Dana’s poetry into Mandarin.


黃燦然 | Huang Canran

See Huang Canran’s bio here.


胡續冬 | Hu Xudong

Poet, essayist, and translator Hu Xudong teaches at the Graduate Institute of World Literature at Peking Univ. Fluent in English and Portugese, Prof. Hu has taught at the Universidade de Brasilia in Brazil and was a recent member of the Univ. of Iowa International Writing Program. He is the author of several poetry collections in Chinese. English translations of his poems have appeared in the 2008 Atlanta Review China Edition, as well as Push Open the Window: Contemporary Poetry from China (Copper Canyon, 2011). On the occasion of Robert Dana’s visit to Peking Univ., he rendered some of Dana’s poetry.


Francis R. Jones

Francis R. Jones translates poetry from Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian and Dutch, but also Russian, Hungarian, Sranan and Papiamentu, rendered into both standard English and Northern-England dialects. He is currently engaged with the Collected Poems of the Yugoslav/Serbian poet Ivan V. Lalić (1931-1996). He has studied at the universities of Cambridge, Sarajevo, Reading, and Newcastle. He is Reader in Translation Studies at the School of Modern Languages, Newcastle University, England, where he trains translators and interpreters, and researches poetry translation.


梁秉鈞 | Leung Ping-kwan

See Leung Ping-kwan’s bio here.


梅申友 | Mei Shenyou

Mei Shenyou, an essayist and translator, is focused mainly on the art of poetry and its translation. He is a faculty member of Peking University’s English department, where he contributed to George O’Connell’s Fulbright poetry translation workshop. His work has appeared in many leading Chinese literary magazines, such as Foreign Literature, World Literature, Foreign Literature and Art, and Translations. A visiting scholar at the Univ. of Iowa from 2011-12, he was associated with its prestigious International Writing Program.


George O’Connell | 喬直

Recipient of numerous awards for his poetry, and co-director of Pangolin House, George O’Connell has taught creative writing and literature in the U.S. and China, including at Peking Univ. as Fulbright professor. He and Diana Shi co-edited/co-translated the 2008 Atlanta Review China Edition, and their work appears widely in both Chinese and western publications. Their co-edited/co-translated volume of Wang Jiaxin’s Darkening Mirror: New & Selected Poems was released from U.S. literary publisher Tebot Bach early 2017. Co-recipients of a U.S. National Endowment for the Arts Literature Fellowship in Translation, they have also received Hong Kong Arts Development Council Creative Writing Translation and Publication Awards.


Gordon Osing

American poet Gordon Osing, founder of the River City Writers Series and Prof. of English and Creative Writing at the Univ. of Memphis, first visited China in 1986, co-translating a collection of Su Shi (Su Dong Po). As 1990-92 Hong Kong Univ. Fulbright lecturer, he co-translated a volume of Song dynasty poems by Li Qingzhao, followed by Leung Ping-kwan’s City at the End of Time, a collection of poems co-translated with the author and published by Hong Kong Univ. Press/Twilight Books. City at the End of Time was reprinted in 2012. Among Prof. Osing’s many poetry collections are Crossing Against the Sun and The Water Radical, both derived from his Asia experience. He lives in Eudora, Mississippi, USA.


Peking Univ. Poetry Translation Workshop

See PKU acknowledgment here.


史春波 | Diana Shi

Essayist and literary translator Diana Shi’s work in English and Mandarin has appeared across China, North America, and Europe. Co-editor/co-translator of the 2008 Atlanta Review China Edition and Darkening Mirror: New & Selected Poems by Wang Jiaxin, she co-directs Pangolin House. Awarded the Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong’s Dawson Lee Memorial Prize, Ms. Shi is also co-recipient of a U.S. National Endowment for the Arts Literature Fellowship in Translation, as well as Hong Kong Arts Development Council Creative Writing Translation and Publication Awards.


Anastassis Vistonitis | 安納斯塔西斯·維斯托尼提斯

See Anastassis Vistonitis’ bio here.


王家新 | Wang Jiaxin

See Wang Jiaxin’s bio here.


西川 | Xi Chuan

One of China’s leading contemporary poets, Xi Chuan is also a prolific essayist and translator. Author of many poetry collections in Chinese, his Notes on the Mosquito, translated by Lucas Klein, appeared in 2012 from New Directions Press (U.S.) Fluent in English, Xi Chuan was a 2002 member of the Univ. of Iowa’s International Writing Program, and has also served as Visiting Prof. at New York Univ. He currently teaches literature at Beijing’s Central Academy for Fine Arts.


遠洋 | Yuan Yang

Author/poet/translator Yuan Yang, born 1962 in Xinxian, Henan Province, China, graduated from Wuhan University and began publishing poetry in 1980. His wide spectrum of writing has appeared in many publications across China, including such poetry anthologies as The Best 100 Chinese Contemporary Poems; Modern Henan Literature, 1917-1990; and A Ten-Year Anthology of Poetry, 2000-2010. Among his own poetry collections are Tree of Youth; Village Girl; Passion for the Dabie Mountains; and Empty Village. His translations into Chinese include poetry by Nobel laureates as well as Pulitzer and T.S.Eliot Prize winners. His own work has also received multiple literary awards. Most recently, his volume Adam’s Apple Orchard: Selected Poems of Robert Hass, released by Jiangsu Literature and Art Press, was named one of “China’s Best Books of 2014”. Yuan Yang lives in Shenzhen, where he is president of the Shenzhen Institute of Continuing Education, and a member of the Chinese Writers’ Association.