An international journal of Chinese and English-language poetry, Pangolin House features contemporary work, appearing bilingually with selected art or photography. Our schedule usually includes three issues per year. Based in the U.S. and Hong Kong, Pangolin House seeks to honor aesthetic and literary excellence from both east and west.

Pangolin House editors George O’Connell and Diana Shi are deeply grateful to have been honored with a U.S. National Endowment for the Arts Literature Fellowship in Translation, both for our work with Chinese poetry since 2006, and our current assembly and translation of From Here to Here: New & Selected Poems by the eminent Chinese-language poet Lan Lan. Read more about this award and our translation philosophy on the NEA’s “Art Talk”.

Pangolin House is also pleased to have received a Creative Writing Translation Award, as well as a Publication Award from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

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《Pangolin House》(pangolinhouse.com),「穿山甲之屋」,為一份中英雙語詩歌網刊(國際刊號 2168-4111),2012年底創辦於美國和香港,旨在譯介當代漢語和英語詩歌,慶祝當下東西方卓越的審美與詩歌藝術,每期著重介紹三位詩人和一位視覺藝術家的作品。暫不接受投稿。

《Pangolin House》主編喬治·歐康奈爾(喬直)、史春波自2006年以來合作翻譯當代漢語詩歌,近年榮幸獲得美國國家藝術基金會文學翻譯獎,編譯中國詩人藍藍首部全英文詩集《從這裡,到這裡》(From Here to Here: Selected Poems by Lan Lan),詳情見《與喬直談藝——NEA訪談》(英文)。

喬、史亦有幸獲得香港藝術發展局文學翻譯計劃及出版支持,2017年夏出版了含有十位香港當代詩人作品的雙語詩歌選集《渡/Crossing the Harbour》。




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