Winter 2017-18 Issue 13


Chen YuhongChen Yuhong, born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, graduated from the Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages. After many years in Canada, she returned to Taiwan, settling in Taipei. In 2004, for her collection Annotations (《索隱》), the editors of the annual Best Poetry of Taiwan named her Poet of the Year. Following her two recent poetry volumes, Trance (《閃神》) and In Between (《之間》), she received the prestigious 2017 Taiwan United Daily News Grand Prize in Literature. Of her seven poetry books, The Bewitched (《魅》) won Taiwan’s Chinese Writers & Artists Association Medal of Arts. Her work was included in Chiu Ko Publishing’s Taiwan anthology New Poetry by 30 Poets (《新詩30家》). She has also published a volume of essays 2010 Diary: An Oblique Angle of 365° (《2010日記∕365°斜角》). Among her distinguished translations are the poetry volumes The Wild Iris by Louise Glück, Eating Fire by Margaret Atwood, Rapture by Carol Ann Duffy, and the novel La Citadelle de Neige by Matthieu Ricard. A collection of her own poetry, selected and translated into Japanese by Sato Fumiko as I Once Told You (『あなたに告げた』), appeared in 2011. Chen represented Taiwan at the 2014 Nicaragua Poetry Festival, also serving as Beijing’s Renmin University 2015 Poet-in-Residence. She lives in Taipei with her husband and their cat Coconut.


陳育虹。文藻外語學院畢業。祖籍廣東南海,生於台灣高雄市。寄寓加拿大多年後,現定居台北。出版詩集包括2016《閃神》、2011《之間》、2007《魅》、2004《索隱》等七本,及2011散文《2010日記∕365°斜角》;另有譯詩集2017露伊絲·葛綠珂Louise Glück《野鳶尾 The Wild Iris》、2015瑪格麗特·艾特伍Margaret Atwood《吞火 Eating Fire》、2010凱洛·安·達菲Carol Ann Duffy《癡迷 Rapture》,與2009馬修·李卡德Matthieu Ricard成長小說《雪之堡 La Citadelle de Neige》。



讓雨 | May the Rain

換季 | Change of Season

梔子 | Cape Jasmine

蜻蜓賦格曲 | Dragonfly Fugue

築巢 | Nest Building

星期天 | Sunday

水 · 蛇 | Water, Snake

日安 · 憂鬱 | Good Morning Melancholy

彈撥爾 | Tanbur

不忘記 | Won’t Forget

白玫瑰 | White Rose

想念 | Longing



Nikola MadzirovNikola Madzirov, poet, essayist, and translator, was born in 1973 in Strumica, Macedonia to a family of refugees from the Balkan wars. His 2007 collection Relocated Stone won both the Hubert Burda award for East European poetry and the prestigious Miladinov Brothers prize in Macedonia. His other honors include the Xu Zhimo Silver Leaf award for European poetry from King’s College, Cambridge, and the Studentski Zbor first book prize. Among his collections are Locked in the City, Somewhere Nowhere, and Remnants of Another Age. His work has been translated into over thirty languages, while contemporary jazz composer Oliver Lake has written music based on his poems. A coordinator of the international poetry network Lyrikline in Berlin, Madzirov has also been a resident at the University of Iowa’s International Writing Program, artist-in-residence at DAAD Berlin and Passa Porta in Brussels, and a Marguerite Yourcenar fellow in France. The American poet Mark Strand said reading his poetry “is like discovering a new planet in the solar system of the imagination.”


尼古拉·馬茲洛夫,詩人,散文家,譯者,1973年出生於前南斯拉夫馬其頓的斯特魯米察,來自巴爾幹戰爭的難民家庭。2007年,他的詩集《搬家的石頭》(Relocated Stone)贏得了Hubert Burda東歐詩歌獎和馬其頓享有盛譽的米拉迪諾夫兄弟詩歌獎。此外他還榮膺劍橋大學國王學院的徐志摩銀葉詩歌獎、Studentski Zbor首次出版獎等。其他詩集包括《城中囚》(Locked in the City)、《無處之處》(Somewhere Nowhere)、《另一時代的殘餘》(Remnants of Another Age)。

馬茲洛夫的詩被翻譯成三十多種語言,爵士大師奧利弗·雷克(Oliver Lake)曾為他的詩作譜曲。他曾受邀參加愛荷華大學國際寫作中心計劃、柏林及布魯塞爾的DAAD藝術家駐留計劃,并榮獲法國瑪格麗特·尤瑟納爾文學獎金,現在主持柏林一個名為Lyrikline的詩歌網站。美國詩人馬克·斯特蘭德曾說,閱讀馬茲洛夫的詩「如同在想像力的太陽系裡發現一個新的星球。」


The Cross of History | 歷史的十字架

Perfection Is Born | 完美誕生

Awakening | 醒來

Eras of Longing | 渴望的年代

New Lands | 新大陸

Fast Is the Century | 一個世紀快速湮滅

Two Moons | 兩個月亮

Separated | 分離

A Way of Existing | 一種存在方式

The One Who Writes | 寫作的人

Home |

We Have No Sleep | 無眠

Hope Climbed | 希望曾攀爬

Light and Dust | 光與塵

Shadows Pass Us By | 陰影經過我們身上



Yang JianPoet and painter Yang Jian, was born in 1967 in Ma’anshan, Anhui Province, China. He began studying and writing poetry in 1986, and is a practicing Buddhist. Among his literary awards are the Liu Li’an Poetry Prize, the Rou Gang Poetry Prize, the Yu Long Poetry Prize, the China Top Ten Pioneer Poets Prize, the Poetry Prize of Media Awards for Chinese Literature, the Luo Yihe Poetry Prize, and the Yuan Kejia Poetry Prize. His poetry collections include Dusk (《暮晚》); Beside the Ancient Bridge (《古橋頭》); Remorse (《慚愧》); Temples of Grief (《哭廟》); and Selected Poems of Yang Jian (《楊鍵詩選》).

Since Yang Jian began painting In 2008, his work has been featured in a number of solo and joint exhibitions. “Faces of the Dao“, a selection of his ink and brush paintings, appears in the Spring 2014 issue of Pangolin House.





生死戀 | The Pact Between Life and Death

清明節 | Tomb Sweeping Day

迷路 | Lost

老人的死亡 | An Old Man’s Death

暮晚 | Dusk

古鐘 | Ancient Bell

一位繡花的鄉下婦女 | Countryside Woman Embroidering

再悼二哥 | Mourning My Elder Brother

小幅山水 | A Short Scroll of Mountains and Waters

一首枯枝敗葉的歌 | Song of the Withered Leaf

繼續 | Persist

甄山禪寺 | Zhen Mountain Temple