Winter 2016-17 Issue 12



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池凌雲 | Chi Lingyun

Anastassis Vistonitis | 安納斯塔西斯·維斯托尼提斯

鐘國強 | Chung Kwok-keung


The Light of Measured Days

胡敏 | Hu Min


Chi LingyunBorn in 1966 in Rui’an, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, Chi Lingyun is an increasingly important Chinese poet who began writing in 1985 and has worked as a teacher, journalist, and editor. Her poetry collections include Darting Snow (1997); Solitary Dialogue (2005); Selected Poems (2010); and Muted Light (2013). Her work has been translated into German, English, Korean, Russian, and other languages. The 2010 recipient of October magazine’s Poetry Award, she has also presented her art at Hankuk University’s Kim Dal Jin Literature Festival in South Korea. The US literary journal Chinese Literature Today also featured and reviewed her work in 2014. She currently lives in Wenzhou, south of Shanghai on the China coast.

Notable for its sudden yet tonally harmonic obliquities, Chi Lingyun’s poetry joins her sense of nature as redemptive and instructive to a distinctly expressionist imagery. Distrustful of appearances, she is nonetheless finely attuned to their resonance, delving to deeper regions of mind and identity, especially where fusion with our surround achieves transformation. In the heat of this exchange, the intensity of the present often melds with sharp or shadowed images from the buried past, releasing an elemental energy.





黄昏之晦暗 | Darkness at Dusk

一秒钟归去来 | A Moment, To and Fro

水穿石 | Water Piercing Stone

苦恼之夜 | Fretful Night

所有野兽都戴花 | Each Beast Wears Flowers

玛丽娜在深夜写诗 | Midnight, Marina Writing

巫术 | Incantation

一个针灸的下午 | Afternoon, Acupuncture

寂静制造了风 | Silence Stirs the Breeze

一种诗艺 | One Kind of Poetics



Anastassis VistonitisAnastassis Vistonitis was born in Komotini, Northern Greece, in 1952. He studied Political Science and Economics in Athens, and Philosophy in Thessaloniki. From 1983 to 1988 he lived in the US and traveled extensively across Europe, North and South America, Africa, Australia, and Asia. From 1996 to 2001 he served on the board of The Federation of European Writers, and from 2003 to 2008 as its vice-president. He was the General Editor of Athens’ candidature file for the 2004 Olympic Games, and is the founder and former vice-president of Poets’ Circle.

Author of eleven books of poetry, four essay collections, five travelogues, and a volume of short stories, he has also edited and translated The Daemon in the Mirror, fifty poems by the Chinese classical poet Li He (Li Ho). His many book reviews, cultural essays, individual travelogues, and myriad articles have appeared in leading quarterlies and newspapers in Greece and abroad. His work has been rendered into more than twenty languages, and included in numerous anthologies. Notable among English translations of his poetry is the volume Mara’s Shade, Selected Poems, Tebot Bach 2011. A German collection of his Selected Poems, Wellen des Schwarzen Meeres, (Waves of the Black Sea) appeared in 2001.

He writes for the leading Greek newspaper To Vima and lives in Athens and Ljubljana.

Anastassis Vistonitis’ poetry is rooted in profound familiarity with current and classical literature, Greek and Mediterranean myth, political and philosophical thought and history, as well as the particular agonies of modern Europe and Greece. Though his imagery achieves moments of splendid and joyous transcendence, these are sometimes set against ruined and desolate landscapes no less common to our own era than to those which precede it. Unique among contemporary poets, his voice weaves gorgeous metaphor with chill prophecy and dark remembrance.



维斯托尼提斯出版过诗集11种、散文集4种、游记5部和短篇小说一卷。他还翻译过50首唐代诗人李贺的诗,以《镜中之魔》为名结集。他执笔的书评、文化小品、个人游记等大量文章见诸于希腊及国外多种期刊、报章。他的诗被翻译成20多种语言,收录在众多诗歌选本。2001年他的诗歌德语译本《Wellen des Schwarzen Meeres》(《黑海之浪》)出版;2011年英语译本《Mara’s Shade》由美国Tebot Bach出版社出版。

他目前居住在雅典和卢布尔雅那,为希腊重要报纸《To Vima》撰稿。



After the Battle | 战役之后

Ars Poetica | 诗艺

The Moon in the Glass | 杯中的月亮

Curtain |

Dark Summer | 黑暗的夏天

Dream |

Stone | 石头

Waiting | 等待

Target Range | 射程

Metaphor | 隐喻

The End of Time | 时间的尽头



Chung Kwok-keungChung Kwok-keung (Derek Chung) was born and raised in Hong Kong, and graduated from Hong Kong University’s Faculty of Arts. His honors include two successive 1st Prizes in the Hong Kong Youth Literature Poetry Awards; The Hong Kong Public Library Award for Creative Writing in Chinese; and the Hong Kong Arts Development Council’s Annual Literary Artist Prize. Among his poetry collections are Encircled; Scenery on the Road; Doors and Windows, Wind and Rain (winner of the 6th Hong Kong Biennial Award for Chinese Literature’s Selection Prize in Poetry); Adrift in the City (the 7th Hong Kong Biennial Award for Chinese Literature’s Selection Prize in Poetry); Growing House (1st Prize in Poetry from the 8th Hong Kong Biennial Awards for Chinese Literature ); On the Ordinary (1st Prize in Poetry from the 12th Hong Kong Biennial Awards for Chinese Literature); and Umbrellas Blooming in the Streets. His prose includes the essay collections Two Cities; The Tree of Memory; Words at First Sight; the short story collection Sometimes Forgetful; and Floating Thoughts, a volume of literary criticism.




非靜夜思 | Thoughts on a Troubled Night

| Rice

橘子 | Tangerine

| Oil

織草為蜢的人 | The Weaver of Grasshoppers

馬纓丹 | Lantana

電腦寫作 | Writing on the Computer

葡萄 | Grapes

聲音 | Sound

船程 | Voyage

分傘 | Sharing an Umbrella