Summer/Fall 2015 | Issue 9




寒煙 | Han Yan

Robert Hass | 羅伯特·哈斯

何福仁 | Ho Fuk-Yan



Between Sky & Stream, Father & Son

劉定渝 | Danny Liu

劉天可 | Tien-Call Liu



Han YanHan Yan, born 1969, began writing poetry in the late 80s. Her work has appeared in various journals such as World Literature Today (U.S.), Shanghai Literature, and World Literature (Beijing). Among her published collections are Segments and Echoes (2003) and Westward Moon (2012). Her poems have been rendered into English, French, Spanish, and other languages. Her honors include the Haizi Poetry Award and the Yu Long Poetry Prize. A freelance writer, she currently lives in Jinan, Shandong Province, China.


寒烟,1969年生。1980年代末开始文学创作,曾在《World Literature Today》(美国《当代世界文学》)、《世界文学》、《上海文学》等刊发表作品。著有诗集《截面与回声》(2003)、《月亮向西》(2012)。部分作品被译成英语、法语、西班牙语等。获首届海子诗歌奖、第二届宇龙诗歌奖。现居济南。自由写作者。


说话 | Speak

庭院 | Courtyard

白纸在午夜 | White Paper at Midnight

在明亮的屋子里 | In a Bright Room

提炼 | Concoction

秋天的地址 | Autumn Address

死后的信仰 | Faith after Death

缪斯姐妹 | Muse Sisters

七块骨碴 | Seven Shards of Bone

遗产 | Legacy



Robert HassRobert Hass, former U.S. Poet Laureate, is a recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship, two U.S. National Book Critics’ Circle Awards (1984, 1997), the Pulitzer Prize, the Yale Series of Younger Poets Prize (1973), and the 2014 Wallace Stevens Award. His collection The Apple Trees at Olema: New and Selected Poems was published by Ecco Press in 2010. In addition to his numerous collections of poetry and essays, he has co-translated three volumes of poetry by Czeslaw Milosz, most recently Facing the River, as well as The Essential Haiku: Versions of Basho, Buson, and Issa. He is Distinguished Professor of Poetry and Poetics at the University of California, Berkeley.




The Problem of Describing Trees | 描述树木的问题

That Music | 那音乐

September, Inverness | 九月,因弗内斯

Variations on a Passage in Edward Abbey | 爱德华·艾比一段短文的变体

Iowa, January | 爱荷华,一月

Three Dawn Songs in Summer | 三首夏季黎明之歌

The apple Trees at Olema | 奥利马的苹果树

Measure | 测度

Child Naming Flowers | 给花朵命名的孩子

Maps | 地图册

After Goethe | 歌德之后



Ho Fuk-yanHo Fuk-yan was born and raised in Hong Kong, graduating from the Faculty of Arts at The University of Hong Kong. He recently retired as Head of the Chinese Language Department at St. Paul’s College. Among his poetry collections are An Interview with a Dragon; A Prayer for Flying; and If No Apple Fell on Newton’s Head, which received first prize in poetry from the Fourth Hong Kong Biennial Awards for Chinese Literature. His prose includes two essay collections, A Tree Reborn and The Angle of God, and Traveling Through Books, notes on travel and reading. Other titles are Topics on Time: A Dialogue, awarded the Chinese Literature Recommendation Prize at the Fourth Hong Kong Biennial Awards, and Floating City I, II, III—New Analyses of Xi Xi’s Novels. He is also the editor of the Xi Xi volume in the Hong Kong Literature Series. He lives in Hong Kong.


何福仁,在香港出生、成長,畢業於香港大學文學院,曾為聖保羅書院中文科主任并擔任教職,2010年退休。著有詩集《龍的訪問》、《如果落向牛頓腦袋的不是蘋果》(獲第四屆香港中文文學雙年獎詩組首獎)、《飛行的禱告》;散文集《再生樹》、《上帝的角度》;遊記及讀書隨筆《書面旅遊》。其他作品包括《時間的話題:對話集》(獲第四屆香港中文文學雙年獎推薦獎)、《浮城1. 2. 3——西西小說新析》,編有《香港文叢·西西卷》。又為青年學子著有《議論文選讀》及《歷史的際會——先秦史傳散文新讀》。


夢李白 | Dreaming of Li Bai

在一塊舒服的木頭上午餐 | Lunch at a Wooden Table

夜宿吐魯番 | A Night in Turpan

我心裡有巍峨的一座殿堂 | My Heart Keeps a Great Palace

如果落向牛頓腦袋的不是蘋果 | If No Apple Fell on Newton’s Head

搖晃的燭光 | Flickering Candle

在巴黎某畫廊看畫 | Viewing a Painting in a Paris Gallery

回音壁 | Echoing Wall

屏風 | Folding Screen

感時十四行 | Sensing the Shift, a Sonnet