Summer/Fall 2014 | Issue 6



A. E. Stallings | A.E.史陶林

多多 | Duo Duo

飲江 | Lau Yee-ching



Kristin Pluhacek | 克莉斯汀·普鲁哈切克



A. E. StallingsA.E. (Alicia) Stallings studied Classics at the University of Georgia and at Oxford University, and has lived in Athens, Greece since 1999. She has received numerous awards for her translations, including the Willis Barnstone Translation Prize, the John Frederick Nims Prize from Poetry Magazine, and a U.S. National Endowment for the Arts Translation Fellowship for work on the Medieval Cretan romance, The Erotokritos. Her verse translation of Lucretius’ The Nature of Things, in rhyming fourteeners, was published by Penguin Classics. She is currently at work on a new Penguin Classics verse translation of Hesiod’s Works and Days. Her published volumes of original poetry include Archaic Smile, winner of the Richard Wilbur Award; Hapax, winner of the Poets’ Prize; and most recently Olives, a U.S. National Book Critics Circle Award finalist. Among her additional honors are Guggenheim and United States Artists fellowships, and appointment to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. In 2011, she was named a MacArthur Fellow for her poetry and translations. She is married to the journalist John Psaropoulos, with whom she has two smallish argonauts, Jason and Atalanta.


A. E. 史陶林(艾丽莎·史陶林)曾在美国佐治亚州阿森斯和牛津大学修习古典学,1999年移居希腊雅典。她荣获过多项翻译奖,包括威利斯·巴恩斯通翻译奖、《Poetry Magazine》约翰·弗雷德里克·尼姆斯诗歌翻译奖,以及美国国家艺术基金会文学翻译奖(译著克里特岛中世纪爱情史诗《埃罗托克里托斯》)。她用诗体翻译的卢克莱修的《物性论》(抑扬格七韵步)已由企鹅出版社出版,目前正在翻译另一部长诗,荷西俄德的《工作与时日》。史陶林著有三部诗集,《古老的微笑》(获理查德·威尔伯奖)、《独一无二》(获诗人奖)和近年出版的《橄榄》(入围美国国家书评奖决选名单)。曾被授予古根海姆奖金和美国艺术家奖金,并为美国人文与科学院的成员。2011年,她的诗歌创作和在翻译上的贡献为其赢得了麦克阿瑟奖。史陶林与希腊记者约翰·帕萨若普洛斯结为伉俪,育有两位“阿耳戈小英雄”,伊阿宋和阿塔兰塔。


The Rosehead Nail | 玫瑰头钉

A Lament for the Dead Pets of Our Childhood | 一首哀歌,给我们童年死去的宠物

The Doll House | 娃娃屋

Jigsaw Puzzle | 拼图游戏

Two Violins | 两把小提琴

Arrowhead Hunting | 寻找箭镞

Momentary | 刹那

Extinction of Silence | 寂静的灭绝

The Argument | 争吵

The Catch | 上钩

The Mother’s Loathing of Balloons | 母亲对气球的憎恶

Sine Qua Non | Sine Qua Non



Duo Duo, photo © Zhao JianpingThe son of a high-ranking government official, Duo Duo (Li Shizheng) was born in Beijing in 1951. As a young intellectual during the Cultural Revolution, he was “sent down” in 1969 to countryside labor in Baiyangdian, Hebei Province. Later he worked as a journalist for Farmers’ Daily. An early “Misty” poet, he began writing in 1972, and publishing in 1982. After leaving China in 1989, he lived nearly 15 years in Holland, where he was poet-in-residence at Leiden University. He also served as poet-in-residence at Canada’s York University, and as a Chinese-language lecturer at London University. Among his published volumes are the poetry collections Salute: 38 Poems; Mileage: Poems 1973-1988; Amsterdam’s River; Selected Poetry of Duo Duo; Forty Year’s Selections; Promise, etc.; and the short story collection A Lift. His work has been translated into English, German, Italian, and Dutch. Snow Plain, a sequence of short stories rendered in English by John Crespi and others, appeared in 2010. Duo Duo’s honors include numerous literary prizes in China and internationally. He is the first Chinese recipient of the Neustadt International Prize for Literature—sometimes called America’s Nobel—awarded in 2010. He currently teaches at the Humanities and Communication College of Hainan University, China.




四合院 | Courtyard

阿姆斯特丹的河流 | Amsterdam’s River

同居 | Cohabitation

在英格兰 | In England

语言的制作来自厨房 | Language Is Made in the Kitchen

我始终欣喜有一道光在黑夜里 | A Little Light Enchants Me Always In the Dark

病人 | Patient

白沙门 | Bai Sha Men

诺言 | Promise

维米尔的光 | Vermeer’s Light



Lau Yee-chingLau Yee-ching, born 1949 in Hong Kong, worked as a mechanical technician after finishing his education, and began to write poetry in the ‘70s. His work has appeared in many Hong Kong major publications, such as Su Yeh Literature, Hong Kong Literature, New Harvest Poetry Magazine, and Fleurs des Lettres. Among his honors are the Hong Kong Youth Literary Award, the Worker’s Literature Award, and the Hong Kong Biennial Awards for Chinese Literature. In 1987, he helped found The One Ninth, a poetry journal, and was its initial editor. He has also served as judge for a number of Hong Kong’s important literature awards. Among his published poetry collections are Walking the Street Watching Festival Decorations (1997), which won the 5th Hong Kong Biennial Award for Chinese Literature, and Moving Stones, Walking the Street Watching Festival Decorations (2010), an enlarged version of his earlier collection.




銅樣的安靜 看「亨利摩爾的藝術」(節選)| from Serene as Bronze, Viewing Henry Moore

入夜 懷溫鍵騮 | Twilight, Missing Wan Ken-lau

魔術師 | Magician

邂逅(之一)| Encounter

飛蟻臨水 | Flying Ants Drawn to Water

發現外殼 | Finding a Shell

亡命表演 | Circus Act

火腿向日葵 | Sunflowers with Ham

咬著「棺材釘」的老頭 | Old Man, Coffin Nail in His Teeth

戲水忘川 | Splashing in the River of Oblivion