Winter 2014-15 | Issue 7





Vyacheslav Kupriyanov | 维雅·库普里扬诺夫

胡燕青 | Wu Yin-ching

翟永明 | Zhai Yongming



Wood and Shadow: A Dialogue

王嶷 | Wang Yi




Vyacheslavf KupriyanovBorn in Novosibirsk, S. Central Russia, in 1939, Vyacheslav Kupriyanov studied technical sciences in the High Navy School of Leningrad, and earned a degree in mathematical linguistics and German at the Moscow Foreign Language Institute (now Linguistic Univ.). His first published works were translations of German poetry by Hölderlin, Novalis, Rilke, Brecht, Grass, Enzensberger, and others. He also translated English language poetry by Whitman and Sandburg. His own poetry collections include First Person; Life Goes On; Homework; Echo; Poems; The Best Time; and Ode to Time. Notably, his initial book of poetry was the first free-verse collection in postwar Russia. He has published numerous short stories, and a novel, The Shoe of Empedocles. His work has been rendered in at least eight languages, including a poetry collection in English translated by Francis R. Jones, In Anyone’s Tongue, from which these Pangolin House selections have been drawn. In Mandarin, some of his poetry has previously been rendered by Wang Jianzhao. Among Vyacheslav Kupriyanov’s honors are the Südwestfunk-Bestenliste Prize, the Library of European Literature Award, and the Branko-Radicevic Prize. A member of the Moscow Writers’ Union and the Serbian Writers’ Union, he is currently a freelance writer in Moscow.


俄罗斯诗人维雅切斯拉夫·库普里扬诺夫1939年出生于新西伯利亚,曾就读于列宁格勒高等海军学校,1967年毕业于莫斯科外语学院(现为莫斯科语言大学)语言学及德语专业。早年作为诗歌翻译为读者熟知,译有荷尔德林、诺瓦利斯、里尔克、布莱希特、格拉斯、恩岑斯贝尔格等德语诗人的作品,也译介过英语诗人惠特曼和桑德堡。迄今出版个人诗集十余种,主要有《第一人称》、《家庭作业》、《回声》、《诗篇》、《最好的时光》、《时间颂》等,1982年的诗集《生活在继续》为俄罗斯二战后出版的第一部自由体诗集。此外,他还著有多篇短篇小说和一部长篇小说《恩培多克勒的鞋》。他的作品被译成德语、保加利亚语、波兰语、荷兰语、泰米尔语等多种语言在国外发表出版。本期《穿山甲》所选诗歌译自Francis R. Jones翻译的英文诗集《无论什么语言》。汉语中曾有汪剑钊先生的译介。库氏获得过多项国际文学奖,包括Südwestfunk-Bestenliste奖、欧洲文学图书馆奖、布兰科·拉蒂切维奇奖等。现为莫斯科作家协会和塞尔维亚作家协会会员,居于莫斯科,专事写作。


Face |

Thirst |

Singing Lesson | 声乐课

Twilight of Vanity | 虚荣的黄昏

Blind | 瞎子

the paper lie | 纸上谎言

Heaven on Earth | 大地上的天堂

Invitation | 请柬

Creativity | 创造力

Metaphor | 隐喻

Human Injustice | 人类的不公

Appeal | 控诉

In a Strange Town | 在一座陌生的小镇

Golden-hearted Man | 金心人

Lull | 暂息

Relativity | 相对性



Wu Yin-chingWu Yin-ching was born in Guangzhou and lived on Cheung Chau Island in Hong Kong until secondary school, continuing her education at Hong Kong Univ. She is a former Associate Professor at Hong Kong Baptist University, where she designed and taught creative writing courses, receiving three President’s Awards for her teaching. Author of nine collections of poetry, twelve of prose, and two of short stories, she has also published six novels for teenagers, and sixteen children’s picture books. Among her poetry collections are Journey at Sunrise; In the Subway; Folded Page; Twilight Voyage; and The Husk of Time. Her honors include three Hong Kong Biennial Awards for literature, a Hong Kong Arts Development Council Award for Achievement in the Literary Arts, two Hong Kong Awards for Creative Writing in Chinese, and two Tang Qing Christian Writing awards. Currently editor of a translation team for an international Christian organization, she lives in Hong Kong.




悼亡| Mourning

白瓷花碗 | White Porcelain Flower Bowl

微息 | Fine Subtle Breathing

吃過晚飯| Slipknot

活結 | Flying Ants Drawn to Water

我們又落入薄色的街 | Again We Enter the Dim Street

一碗熱麵 | A Bowl of Hot Noodles

對窗習字 | Written by the Window

聚散 | Meeting, Parting

夕航 | Twilight Voyage



Zhai Yongming, photo © Gao YuanZhai Yongming, born in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, graduated from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, then worked as a physics institute engineer until 1986. She began publishing poetry in 1981. Traveling extensively throughout Europe, she also lived in the US for nearly two years, during which she toured the nation by car. Consistently ranked as one of the most intriguing and challenging contemporary Chinese poets, she’s received numerous awards for her work, including the Zhongkun International Poetry Prize, the Best Ten Women Poets of China Award, the Italian Ceppo Pistoia International Literary Prize, and the Chinese Media Award. Among her many poetry collections are Woman; Above All Roses; The Collected Poems of Zhai Yongming; Call It All; Fourteen Plain Songs; and Interlinear Spaces. Her poetry has been translated into English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and German. She has also published six collections of essays and literary criticism. Ms. Zhai lives in Chengdu, where she owns and operates the art and literary bar, “White Nights”.


翟永明,四川成都人,毕业于成都电子科技大学,曾就职于某物理研究所。1981年开始发表诗歌作品,1986年离职,后专注写作。九十年代初旅美近两年,曾用一个月时间与友人驱车穿行美国,2003年出版的《纽约,纽约以西》记录了这次游历。1998年在成都开“白夜”酒吧,亦为文化沙龙,在此间策划、举办了一系列跨领域文化活动,经营至今。著有诗集《女人》、《在一切玫瑰之上》、《称之为一切》、《终于使我周转不灵》、《十四首素歌》、《行间距》等九种,诗文集《最委婉的词》,散文、文论集《纸上建筑》、《坚韧的破碎之花》、《正如你所看到的》、《天赋如此》等。作品被译为英语、法语、荷兰语、意大利语、西班牙语、德语等,并在上述语系国家发表出版。2005年入选“中国魅力50人”,2010年入选“中国十佳女诗人”,2007年获“中坤国际诗歌奖”,2012年获意大利“Ceppo Pistoia国际文学奖”,2013年获第十三届华语文学传媒大奖“杰出作家奖”。


潜水艇的悲伤 | Sad Submarine

玩偶 | Doll

母亲 | Mother

退潮 | Ebb Tide

给我爱情,我就爱他 | Give Me Love, I’ll Love Him

在古代 | In Ancient Days

大梦如戏 | The Big Dream’s a Drama

谎言 | Lies

生命 | Life

壁虎与我 | The Gecko and I

行间距:一首序诗 | Interlinear Space: A Prelude