Winter 2012-13  |  Inaugural Issue


Offering | 手与物



Robert Dana | 罗伯特·戴纳

蓝蓝 | Lan Lan

梁秉鈞 | Leung Ping-kwan



Diana Shi



Robert Dana, photo © Peg DanaRobert Dana was born in Boston in 1929. After U.S. Navy service in the South Pacific toward the end of World War II, he moved to Iowa where he attended Drake Univ. and the Univ. of Iowa Writers’ Workshop. His poetry won numerous awards, including two National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships, the Rainer Maria Rilke Prize, the Carl Sandburg Medal, and the Delmore Schwartz Memorial Award from New York University.

He taught for over forty years at Cornell College in Iowa, eventually as Professor and Poet-in-Residence, and was also Distinguished Visiting Writer at Stockholm Univ. and several U.S. colleges and universities. After reviving The North American Review, he served as editor from 1964-1968. In 2004 he became the Iowa Poet Laureate. Author of three volumes of prose, his sixteen poetry collections include Starting Out for the Difficult World; The Morning of the Red Admirals; The Other; and New & Selected Poems 1955-2010. He died in 2010.





Chimes | 风铃

The Morning of the Red Admirals | 红色蝴蝶的早晨

Summer in A Very Small Town | 夏日小镇

Horses |

To A Cockroach | 致蟑螂

Late October Rainy Days | 十月底,雨

Black Angel | 黑天使

.com | .com

At Seventy | 在七十岁

3:10. July. 2009 | 2009. 7. 3:10



蓝蓝 | Lan Lan, photo © 曾宏 | Zeng Hong

Lan Lan (Hu Lanlan), born 1967 in Yantai, Shandong Province, began publishing when she was 14. Nine of her poetry collections have appeared in China, among these Psalter; Selected Poems; and From Here to Here. Her four essay collections include The Book of Water and Night Has A Face. She has also published full length fairytales such as City of Dreams; Run, Big Tree; and The Tank Captain’s Slant Hat.

Her work has been translated into English, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Greek, Belgian, and Portuguese, and published in various international journals. Her many awards include the Liu Li’an Poetry Prize, the Poetry and People’s Annual Poet Prize, the New Writings Prize for Bingxin Children’s Literature, and the Yu Long Poetry Prize. In 2005, she was named one of “China’s New Century Top Ten Young Women Poets”. Her translated poetry has appeared in several U.S. venues, as well as Copper Canyon’s 2011 anthology Push Open the Window: Contemporary Poetry from China.

A member of the Henan Literature Institute, Lan Lan has also been Poet-In-Residence at Beijing’s Renmin Univ. of China.






有所思Some Thoughts

木匠在刨花里…… | Carpenter Amid Woodshavings

未完成的途中 | Unfinished Journey

歇晌 | Siesta

| Wind

野葵花 | Wild Sunflower

我的姐妹们 | My Sisters

死者 | The Dead

真实 | Truth

诗人的工作 | A Poet’s Work

其他…… | The Rest of It



梁秉鈞 | Leung Ping-kwanLeung Ping-kwan (pen name Ye Si), Hong Kong’s leading native poet until his death in January 2013, published fifteen volumes of poems, including bilingual editions such as City at the End of Time; Foodscape; Clothink; Travelling with a Bitter Melon; Shifting Borders; Amblings; and, in 2012, Fly Heads and Bird Claws. His poetry has been translated into English, German, French, Japanese, and Portugese. Among many other prizes, he received the 1997 Biennial Award for Poetry.

He also published a novel, a novella, and four collections of short stories, of which Islands and Continents was translated into both French and English. His Postcards from Prague and Postcolonial Affairs of Food and the Heart each received the Hong Kong Urban Council’s Biennial Award for Fiction. Among his prose collections, Tastes of the Floating World was awarded the 2011 Hong Kong Book Prize.

Author of ten volumes on the urban cultures of Berlin, Tokyo, Taipei, and Hong Kong, he collaborated with visual and performing artists, fashion designers, and cultural workers, mounting poetry and photography exhibitions in Hong Kong, Frankfurt, and Bern. He was 1998 Berlin Writer-in-Residence.

Named 2011 Artist of the Year by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, and 2012 Writer of the Year by the Hong Kong Book Fair, he was awarded a 2012 Honorary Doctoral Degree from the Univ. of Zurich for his contributions to modern Chinese literature.

He was Chair Prof. of Comparative Literature and Director of the Centre for Humanities Research at Lingnan Univ. in Hong Kong, where he taught literature and film studies.







老殖民地建築 | An Old Colonial Building

煉葉 | Streetlamp and Tin Leaf

染葉 | Stainings

抽獎 | Lucky Draw

木瓜 | Papaya

灰白色拖把 | The Gray Mop

遙望燈色璀燦 | Gleaming Lights Far Off

在城市的後院 | In the City’s Backyard

白上加白 | White on White