Spring 2015 | Issue 8





Jane Hirshfield | 簡·赫斯菲爾德

韓東 | Han Dong

西西 | Xi Xi



Bending the Light

Larry Zgoda | 拉里·司格達



Jane HirshfieldJane Hirshfield is the author of eight books of poetry, including The Beauty; Come, Thief; After; and Given Sugar, Given Salt. She has edited and co-translated four books presenting the work of poets from the past, and is the author of two major books of essays, Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry and Ten Windows: How Great Poems Transform the World. Her books have been finalists for the National Book Critics Circle Award and England’s T. S. Eliot Prize; have been named best books of the year by The Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Amazon, and England’s Financial Times; and have won the California Book Award, the Poetry Center Book Award, and the Donald Hall-Jane Kenyon Prize in American Poetry. Hirshfield has received fellowships from the Guggenheim and Rockefeller foundations, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Academy of American Poets. Her poems have appeared in The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Times Literary Supplement, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Harper’s, Poetry, Orion, Discover, The American Poetry Review, McSweeney’s, The Pushcart Prize Anthology, and eight editions of The Best American Poetry. A resident of Northern California since 1974, she presents her poems in universities, literary centers, and festivals throughout the United States and abroad. She is a current chancellor of the Academy of American Poets.




I Wanted Only a Little | 我只要少许

The Promise | 诺言

A Person Protests to Fate | 一个人向命运抗议

The One Not Chosen | 未被选中的一个

My Skeleton | 我的骨头

A Photograph of a Face Half Lit, Half in Darkness | 照片上的脸一半在光里,一半在黑暗里

Mosquito | 蚊子

My Memory | 我的记忆

Zero Plus Anything Is a World | 零加上任何事物都是一个世界

Sentencings | 短句

Like Two Negative Numbers Multiplied by Rain | 正如两个负数乘以雨水

A Blessing for Wedding | 婚礼的祝福

The Dead Do Not Want Us Dead | 死者不要我们死去



Han DongBorn 1961, Han Dong lives in Nanjing. In his youth, during the Cultural Revolution, he was sent down with his parents to the North Jiangsu countryside. In 1982 he graduated from Shandong University, then taught political philosophy at universities in Xi’an and Nanjing before resigning in 1993. A leading poet of contemporary China’s “Third Poetry Movement”, he co-founded/co-edited the literary journal They.

Among his published volumes are the poetry collections White Stones; Dad Sees Me from the Sky; A Reinvented Life; They; Poems by Han Dong; and You’ve Seen the Ocean. His essay collections include Essays of Han Dong; The Mechanics of Love; The Path to Happiness; Night Traveler; A Dog Named Wangcai; and Runs Intersect, a volume of mixed essays and poetry. His novella and short story collections are Moon Over a Forked Tree; Our Bodies; My Plato; Bright Scars; The Dollar Beats the RMB; In the Western Sky; and This Moron’s Dead. His novels are Banished!; Me and You; A Chinese Lover; The Small Town Hero Strides Forth; Metamorphosis of a Sent-down Youth; and Delighted and Hidden. He has also composed scripts for the films In the Qing Dynasty; Beijing Time; and I’ll Love You Ten Thousand Years.

Among his many honors are Youth magazine’s Literature Award, the Liu Li’an Poetry Prize, the Novel Prize of Media Awards for Chinese Literature, the Gao Li Gong Literary Festival Chairman’s Prize, the Jinling Literature Prize, and nomination for the Man Asian Literary Prize.






你的手 | Your Hand

一些人不爱说话 | Some Say Little

黝黑的太阳 | Dark Sun

O | O

| Grey

等等 | Etc.

丰收的比喻 | Harvest Trope

三月到四月 | March to April

人类之诗 | Poem for Mankind

西蒙娜·薇依 | Simone Weil

冬至节 | Winter Solstice

从白色的石头间穿过 | Among White Stones

善始善终 | Start Well, End Well



Xi XiPoet and novelist Xi Xi (Sai Sai), born in Shanghai as Zhang Yan, came with her family to Hong Kong in 1950 at age 12. Educated there in Cantonese and English, she published her first poem as a teenager, soon winning an award for her writing. Following her undergraduate career she assumed a teaching post in the Hong Kong public school system, where she was also active in the teacher’s rights movement. In addition to her poetry, her writing includes novels, short stories, essays, fairy tales, and translations. She was also a prominent screenwriter for TV dramas as well as various experimental films, and a newspaper/magazine columnist. She served as an editor for several Hong Kong cultural journals, and helped found Plain Leaf, a leading literary magazine and publisher still extant. In 1979, she left full-time teaching and devoted herself entirely to writing. Her honors include many from both Hong Kong and Taiwan, where her work has also found many readers. Among Xi Xi’s several novels, her first, My City, is regarded as a classic of Hong Kong literature, as is her essay “Shops”, in which the shifts and tensions of Hong Kong’s continual property development are at odds with both memory and personal location. Her other novels include Marvels of a Floating City; Flying Carpet; and Migratory Birds; each focused on the unique position of Hong Kong between east and west, and the lives of its occupants. Among her more famous short stories are “Mustache Has a Face” and “A Girl Like Me”. Her poetry volumes include Sounding Stones and Poems by Xi Xi.

A fairly reclusive writer living mostly in Hong Kong, Xi Xi has nonetheless traveled widely across the globe.


西西,原名張彥,祖籍廣東中山,1938 年生於上海,十二歲隨家人定居香港,就讀於協恩中學,曾作短篇小說《瑪利亞》,獲《中國學生週報》徵文比賽小說組第一名。後畢業於香港葛量洪師範學院,做過小學教師,長期為報刊雜誌撰寫專欄,先後任《中國學生週報》、《大拇指週報》編委。1979年與友人成立素葉出版社,出版質佳但欠商業元素的香港作品,第二年創辦《素葉文學》雜誌。1979提前從教職退休後專事寫作, 著作極豐,出版有詩歌、小說、散文等三十餘種,主要作品包括新詩《石磬》、《西西詩集》;長篇小說《我城》(列入《亞洲週刊》「二十世紀中國小說一百強」)、《哨鹿》、《候鳥》、《哀悼乳房》、《飛氈》(獲2005年世界華文文學獎);中篇小說《東城故事》、《像是笨蛋》;短篇小說集《春望》、《像我這樣的一 個女子》(短篇小說《像我這樣的一 個女子》1983年在臺灣《聯合報》發表,備受台灣文學界關注)、《鬍子有臉》、《手卷》、《白髮阿娥及其他》;散文《花木欄》、《剪貼冊》、《旋轉木馬》、《拼圖遊戲》;讀書筆記《像我這樣的一個讀者》等。 曾接到美國愛荷華大學邀請,參加「國際寫作計畫」,但她以這種交流對香港年輕作家更有裨益為由而婉拒。



| River

繞著一棵樹 | Circling a Tree

泰山下 | At the Foot of Mount Tai

魔圈 | Magic Loop

玻璃 | Glass

對岸來的人 | One from the Other Shore

月亮 | Moon

看的故事 | The Story of Seeing

雨與紫禁城 | Rain and the Forbidden City

石磬 | Sounding Stones