Spring 2013  Issue 2


Realms of the Surface: Lacebark Pine | 表面的世界:白皮松系列



黄灿然 | Huang Canran

Linda Pastan | 琳达·帕斯坦

王家新 | Wang Jiaxin



Realms of the Surface: Lacebark Pine

莫非 | Mo Fei



黄灿然 | HuangCanran, photo © 廖偉棠 | Liu Wai-tongHuang Canranwas born in 1963 in a remote village in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China. He moved at 15 with his family to Hong Kong and worked in a factory. At 20, he studied English in night school, graduating in 1988 from Guangzhou’s Jinan University, where he’d begun writing poetry. Since 1990, he has translated international news for the Hong Kong newspaper Ta Kung Bao. His poetry collections include Meditation Beside a Swimming Pool; My Soul; and Book of Wonders, which has twice been reprinted. His honors include the Poetry Prize of the 10th Media Awards for Chinese Literature.

Aside from his work as poet, essayist, and critic, he is widely known for his prolific literary translations into Chinese, largely poetry and poetry criticism. Notable among these are his renderings of Constantine Cavafy, Cesar Vallejo, and Susan Sontag.

Preferring a secluded life and rarely appearing in public, Huang Canran has recently offered readings in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Shanghai.






| Looking

炉火 | Hearth Fire

朝露 | Morning Dew

得失 | Balancing

炎阳 | Broiling Sun

来生 | Next Life

树荫起舞 | Shadow Dance

阳光是伟大的 | Sunlight

死神 | Death

我们从哪里来 | We’re From Where

认识 | Knowledge



Linda Pastan | 琳达·帕斯坦Linda Pastan grew up in New York City, graduated from Radcliffe College in 1954, and received an MA from Brandeis University. She has published 13 volumes of poetry, most recently Traveling Light. Two of these books have been finalists for the National Book Award, one for The Los Angeles Times Book Prize.

Pastan was Poet Laureate of Maryland from 1991 to 1995. She taught for several years at American University and was on the staff of the Bread Loaf Writer’s Conference for 20 years. She has won many awards, including The Radcliffe Distinguished Alumni Award and The Maurice English Award. In 2003 she won the Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize for lifetime achievement.





Argument | 争吵

love letter | 情书

To a Daughter Leaving Home | 给将离家的女儿

Autumn |

Home for Thanksgiving | 回家过感恩节

Wind Chill | 风寒

Woman Sewing Beside a Window | 在窗边缝纫的妇女

The Myth of Perfectability | 可臻完美的神话

In the Realm of Pure Color | 在纯色的国度

Posterity | 后裔

Remission | 好转期

Duet for One Voice | 独声二重唱



王家新 | Wang JiaxinBorn 1957 in Hubei province, Wang Jiaxin was “sent down” after high school to labor in the countryside during the Cultural Revolution. Later he studied Chinese literature at Wuhan University, becoming a teacher and Beijing literary editor. An esteemed poet, translator, and essayist, he is currently Prof. of Literature in the Liberal Arts College of Beijing’s Renmin Univ., and Director of the International Writing Center. Among his seven poetry collections in Mandarin are Commemoration (1985), Moving Cliff (1997), Poetry by Wang Jiaxin (2001), Unfinished Poems (2008), and Tarkovsky’s Tree (forthcoming 2013). His eight collections of criticism and essays include Snow’s Regalia, Under the Star Named Hamlet, and Before Your Late Face. In addition to editing anthologies of modern and contemporary Chinese poetry as well as western poetry, he has translated W.B.Yeats, Osip Mandelstam, Marina Tsvetaeva, and René Char. Distinguished among his translations is Paul Celan: Selected Poems and Essays.

One of the most eminent and cosmopolitan Chinese poets since the 80s and 90s, Wang Jiaxin is regarded as a beacon of contemporary Chinese literature, and has been translated into many languages. A frequent guest at literary seminars and universities around the world, he served as 2007 Luce Poet-in-Residence at Colgate Univ. in New York. His collection Dämmerung auf Gotland, translated into German by Wolfgang Kubin, appeared in 2011. Diana Shi and George O’Connell have recently completed translation of his Darkening Mirror: New & Selected Poems, forthcoming from U.S. publisher Tebot Bach. He was a 2013 resident in the Univ. of Iowa’s distinguished International Writing Program.





转变 | Transformation

孤堡札记 | Notes from the Castle of Solitude

田园诗 | Pastoral

晚年的帕斯 | The Last Days of Octavio Paz

八月十七日,雨 | August 17th, Rain

变暗的镜子 | Darkening Mirror

第一场雪 | First Snow

悼亡友 | Mourning a Friend

桔子 | Tangerines

哥特兰的黄昏 | Gotland’s Dusk